Other Investments

Promaíz S.A.

Consolidated operation as a result of a Joint Venture between General DehezaS.A and Bunge Argentina S.A., both Companies decided to continue adding value to the agribusiness chain.

It is a plant of corn wet milling that will become the plant with highest productive capacity at national level, intended for the manufacture of ethanol and high value byproducts, which will be located at Alejandro Roca, Province of Cordoba.

This project, which will start immediately, has been designed to be run on different stages. The first stage goal is to achieve a dry grind of 1000 tons of corn per day, while start of production is foreseen for the first quarter of 2013. During the second stage, the goal is to increase its processing capacity to 1,400 tons/day, by running full process - wet milling and refining of corn grain components.

The idea is to reach a production of 140,000 m3 of ethanol and 100,000 tons of vegetable proteins for animal feed, additionally to gluten, corn germ, and starch syrup, thus increasing the offer of these products for the food industry, in a steadily growing domestic market.

Promaíz S.A. will be located as above described, within Juarez Celman department, Province of Cordoba, approximately 300km away from Cordoba Capital. It is estimated that it will generate at least a hundred of new jobs as direct labor; and during the construction phase, it will require about 600 workers, including technicians and professionals.

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