Terms and Conditions

Please, read these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter, the "Terms and Conditions"). They shall apply to the browsing of this Website: WWW.BUNGEARGENTINA.COM (hereinafter, the "Website", when making reference to the Internet Website) and services offered therein.

To make browsing of this Website easier, Users may find the Terms and Conditions described here summarized at the bottom of the home page, clicking on the corresponding items.

1 – Acceptance and awareness of the Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are binding and mandatory. Website use implies the knowledge and acceptance thereof. If you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions, you should not use the Website and/or the services offered by it. Website "User" means any person who is visiting the Website.
All other instructions incorporated into the Website are also part of these Terms and Conditions, and are binding and compulsory.

2 – Amendment of the Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions may be substituted or amended at any time at the sole discretion of BUNGE ARGENTINA S.A. , and will not require the Users consent. BUNGE ARGENTINA S.A. will put a notice on the Website warning Users about these changes, for a reasonable time. Regardless of the foregoing, Users are responsible for reading these Terms and Conditions each time they enter the Website to check whether they have been amended or not.

3 – Termination of Service

BUNGE ARGENTINA S.A. reserves the right to terminate, suspend or modify whether permanently or temporarily at any time the products or services referenced in this Website. No agreement from Users or advanced notice will be necessary. In addition, BUNGE ARGENTINA S.A. does not guarantee access or permanent use of the Website, as it could be interrupted by technical issues alien to BUNGE ARGENTINA S.A. or by any other reason.

4 – Suspension of Users

BUNGE ARGENTINA S.A. does not undertake any responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the data provided on the Website. Moreover, BUNGE ARGENTINA S.A. reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend Users in case of breach of the Terms and Conditions, or for any other reason that BUNGE ARGENTINA S.A. deems reasonable.

5 - Cookies

The Website may use a tracking system with "cookies", so that access to information, from page to page, is completed more quickly. It also helps in some cases to identify Users without requesting the password once and again. These cookies are small files sent by the page, and are placed on the hard drive of the computer, taking up little space. Users are informed that using the options on your browser may limit or restrict at will the storage of these "cookies", but it is unwise to restrict them completely. The system can gather information about your preferences and interests. If this occurs, information will be used exclusively for statistical purposes to improve the services provided on the Website.

6 – Customer Service Center

BUNGE ARGENTINA S.A. has a Customer Service Center, which is responsible for providing information and assistance to Users. To contact this service, please send an email to bar.contactos.web@bunge.com.

7 –All rights reserved. Intellectual Property

All rights in this Website are reserved and belong to BUNGE ARGENTINA S.A. The contents of this Website, including but not limited to, text, logos, graphics, and all the general design, as well as database and software, is owned by BUNGE ARGENTINA S.A. or it has the right to use it under licenses granted, and is protected by the national and international legislation on intellectual property. If the User considers that the Website violates, or infringes in any way, intellectual property rights of third parties, he/she must notify it to BUNGE ARGENTINA S.A. at the address set forth in these Terms and Conditions, accompanying all information and documentation necessary to support the aforementioned consideration.

8 – Company Name and Address

The name of the company is BUNGE ARGENTINA S.A. The legal address is 25 de mayo 501, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina (C1002ABK).

9 – Registration

Users can freely browse the Website, but your registration may be required to access certain services. Users' registration will take place entering "Human Resources - My Profile - Registration” at the Website, and is free of charge. In this case, it is mandatory to complete all fields in the form accurately and precisely, with valid and true data. For proper operation of the system, Users need to keep their records updated. BUNGE ARGENTINA S.A. may proceed to verify the identity of the User and/or information provided by him/her. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Users declare under oath that the personal data provided are true.

BUNGE ARGENTINA S.A. does not undertake any responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the data provided by Users. Likewise, BUNGE ARGENTINA S.A. reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend Users in case of breach of the Terms and Conditions, as well as reject their applications.

Users shall access their Account (hereinafter, the "Account") using a username and password that they will choose. Should User forget these data, BUNGE ARGENTINA S.A. has a service to assist with the recovery. To do this, User should "click" on the appropriate option and enter the e-mail address provided at the time of registration. Upon completion, the system will send a confidential message to that account with his/her Username and password.

As BUNGE ARGENTINA S.A. undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of data provided by users for registration, Users agree to maintain the confidentiality of their name and password.BUNGE ARGENTINA S.A. will make every effort to protect their privacy, in accordance with the provisions of Law 25,326. Pursuant to the foregoing, Users are responsible for the use made of their password and should be aware that if other people have or may in future have access to the e-mail account entered as its own in the registration form, they may also request their password and Username. It is the User's sole responsibility to take appropriate measures to prevent this from happening. The User agrees to immediately and reliably notify BUNGE ARGENTINA S.A. of any unauthorized use of his/her User Account, and keep it harmless in the event of any damage that this may cause to someone else.
Users have the right to access their Account information, and may amend any informed data as they wish. Any User of the Website shall be entitled to request and obtain information on the personal data that BUNGE ARGENTINA S.A. has at its database. Users can also exercise the right of correction, when data recorded are incorrect. Likewise, Users may require at any time to withdraw their application and the deletion of their account from the database.

Where data are required from Users by any applicable legal, administrative or judicial source, BUNGE ARGENTINA S.A. will be compelled to reveal them to the requesting authority. To the extent that the law and procedural rules allow it,BUNGE ARGENTINA S.A. may inform Users about these requirements.

Just by registering on the Website, Users agree that BUNGE ARGENTINA S.A. is entitled to communicate with them by mail, telephone or email, and send information BUNGE ARGENTINA S.A. . believes, at its sole discretion, that may be of interest, including advertising and information on special offers and promotions. Should Users choose not to be contacted for these purposes, they may communicate it to BUNGE ARGENTINA S.A. , who shall stop such communications as soon as possible.

11– Notifications

All notices and/or notices to be given by the use of Website under these Terms and Conditions shall be in writing to BUNGE ARGENTINA S.A. using the "CONTACT" option present at the Website or to its legal address indicated in the previous section.

12 – Advertisements and Links

If User makes "click" upon advertisements or links of third parties, and accesses other sites not belonging to BUNGE ARGENTINA S.A. , he/she shall be subject to the terms and conditions of such sites. User must read their policies regarding access and use.

BUNGE ARGENTINA S.A. does not guarantee the legality or correctness of contents, operations and information being communicated, reproduced and/or performed on third party sites or the absence of harm on such content or services, so User holds BUNGE ARGENTINA S.A. harmless from any liability regarding the contents on such web sites or services that they provide or promote.

13 – Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

These Terms and Conditions are governed without exception and in all respects by the laws of Argentina, and will be interpreted accordingly. For any dispute, disagreement or dispute arising from the interpretation, validity, scope and/or application of these Terms and Conditions, Users shall contact BUNGE ARGENTINA S.A. . irrefutably, by forwarding their claims, so the parties may do their best to reach an agreement. Should arriving to a solution is not possible, and in order to assure full access to justice for customers, Users can choose and submit their claim to one of the following options and instances:

a) National Consumer Arbitration of the Ministry of Economy and Production of the Nation. These proceedings are free of charge, and it is not necessary to have legal representation. It also ensures balance between parties and transparency of the process, and awards issued by said Court have the authority of res judicata and are not subject to appeal (to obtain more information about this system, go to http://www.mecon.gov.ar/snac)

b) General Bureau of Consumer Advocate and Protection of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires (to obtain more information about this system, go to http://www.buenosaires.gov.ar)

c) Courts of the Federal Capital with jurisdiction in these matters.

Once an alternative has been selected, the others are excluded. In the event that any of the above options were costly or economically not feasible, parties shall mutually agree a convenient mechanism to resolve any controversy.