Business Offices

To fulfill the commitments abroad, and the supply of raw materials to industrial complexes, Bunge Argentina operates in one of the most important markets in the world: The Rosario Stock Exchange. The company trades there over 30 thousand tons of cereals and oilseeds daily, volume that places it among business leaders.

To support our business and administrative operations, we have offices in Rosario, Bahia Blanca, Salta, Tucumán, Tancacha, and other parts of the country. Strategy and marketing to foreign market activities are concentrated in the Federal Capital.

Avia Terai (Chaco)

City: Avia Terai

Zip Code: 3706

Department: Independencia

Address: Ruta 16 - km 212,3

Province: Chaco

Phone number: 0364–4491500/4491400/4491333

Bandera (Santiago del Estero)

City: Bandera

Zip Code: 3064

Department: Bandera

Address: Ruta Nac. 98 - km 219

Province: Santiago del Estero

Phone number: 0385-154 750283/750040

Delfin Gallo (Tucumán)

City: Delfín Gallo

Zip Code: 4117

Department: Cruz Alta

Address: Ruta Provincial N°303 Km. 11,7

Province: Tucumán

Phone number: 0381–4891097

General Paz (Córdoba)

City: Estación Gral. Paz

Zip Code: 5145

Department: Colón

Address: Ruta Nacional 9 Km. 735

Province: Córdoba

Phone number: 03525-611520/512

Piquete Cabado (Salta)

City: Piquete Cabado

Zip Code: 4449

Department: Anta

Address: Ruta Provincial 30 Km. 16

Province: Salta

Phone number: 03877 – 421635

Tancacha Industrial Complex (Cba)

City: Tancacha

Zip Code: 5933

Department: Tercero Arriba

Address: 25 de Mayo 1119

Province: Córdoba

Phone number: 03571 - 460125