Own Production Fertilizers

Own Production - Liquids

N immediately available. Low risk of volatilization loss.

Fertilizer in Solution with the highest potassium concentration (K20) in the market.

Liquid fertilizer with nitrogen and sulfur, in ratios tailored to the Argentine agricultural producer requirements. A perfect, crystalline free from precipitates solution. Low-volatilized and highly efficient N source that provides N in a form rapidly available for crops. It may be released through atomizers, added to irrigation water or soil supplements.Equivalent Grades:NS302,6293,9285,2276,5267,8259,1

Own Production - Solid

NPKS mixtures, physical mixtures produced to tailor formulas meeting each customer needs. Bunge selects raw materials that comply with the highest quality standards in final fertilizer.

7-40-0-5 S
6-36-0-6 S
26-0-0-9 S
0-26-0-9 S
15-15-15-4 S
5-28-5-2,5 S

Competitive source of N per unit. High quality national product.

Solid granules, brown gray. Supplies P and S, which are immediately available. Ideal ratio for soybean and other leguminous plants. High calcium supply (28% of CaO). High-quality national product.

Own Production - Foliar

Liquid foliar fertilizer that provides N, P, and B. Being applied in earlier soybean reproductive stages, it allows for a higher pod uptake, improving the number of bean per plant, and an enhanced crop yield.

Liquid foliar fertilizer with 20% of K2O. It is rapidly absorbed by leaf, thus ensuring improved quality and fruit production.

Liquid foliar fertilizer with 20% of high-purity N. It is applied by spraying the product on the leaves during late growth stages. Its high purity and low biuret ensure high efficiency in foliar absorption, minimizing phytotoxicity on foliage. Specially indicated to enhance protein contents in wheat and barley.

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