Campana Industrial Complex (Buenos Aires)

This Industrial Complex located at Campana town has several chemical plants, whose production starts in from Ammonia Plants. These plants produce one of the raw materials used in the other processes, with a daily yield capacity of 370 tons.

Part of these raw materials are used to produce Pearled Urea (46% Solid Nitrogen), being able to produce 580 tons/day. The rest is used to obtain UAN (32% Fluid Nitrogen), with an annual capacity of 500K/ton.

In October 2004, the plant for Ammonium Thiosulfate (ATS) opened, with a capacity of 135 K tons/year. This product is mainly directed to the production of SolMIX, a soluble fluid fertilizer composed of ATS and UAN.

More recently, KTS (Liquid Potassium Thiosulfate) was added to the production. This product undergoes a very similar process to the one used for ATS.

Thus, Campana’s Industrial Complex produces the above-mentioned fertilizers with N-P-S, and also a small percentage of Zinc and Boron, which are part of new developments.

Buenos Aires
Ruta 9 km 79,4
Phone number
03489 – 436400
Zip Code
Descripción Complejos Industriales
Planta de Producción de Fertilizantes Nitrogenados, Potásicos y Azufrados
Processing capacity (TPD)
90 tt. día
Storage Capacity (tons)
Solids: 53.500 tons.
Liquids: 60.000 tons.