Employment Inclusion Program

The diversity management in our company involves all the policies and practices that generate participation contexts, contemplating necessities and including a wide range of stakeholders with whom our company interacts.

So, we are introducing Programa Compromiso (Engagement Program), a CSR action that contributes to generate labor opportunities to people with intellectual disabilities, scoping all Bunge Argentina’s sites.

It works out with the methodology “Supported Employment”, in which the beneficiaries are assisted on task adaptation, on facilitate learning and they receive particular training and accompaniment by a coach during all the program progress.

This initiative is being carried out through two modalities:

  • Employment Inclusion: payroll incorporation, considering local labor precautions and benefits at their disposal all employees of the Company.
  • Inclusive Labor Practices: fixed term temporary contract, the beneficiaries learn administrative competences, which generates employability.

“CSR actions, employment inclusion and corporate interests are completely compatible. As long as, we aspire that more economic and social players get involved with this issue and can be transform into real agents of change.” Walter Savarecio, HR and Communications Director.