Our Style of Management

We rely on four management pillars: Development, Wellness & Satisfaction, Working Environment, and Responsible Citizenship, which synthesize our value-added proposal.

Bunge’s investments in Argentina are marked by a strong commitment to the country, contributing to the progress of regional economies.


At Bunge, we cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit. We have sense of urgency and guidelines for action. Our collaborators are encouraged to assume risks and new challenges. We foster training and allow innovative thinking, having the opportunity to grow and progress, by incorporating – permanently – attitudinal and technical skills.

Wellness & Satisfaction

At Bunge, we work together to achieve a common goal. Our communication is simple, open, and direct. We foster a dynamic and flexible work environment where people are challenged with responsibilities and projects beyond their experience, which outline their capabilities and develop their vocations.  We encourage our employees to achieve their own professional objectives in perfect balance with their personal lives.

Working Environment

At Bunge we are committed to help build the careers of our employees, by providing them with the necessary tools to develop talents. Our collaborators have the opportunity to learn in different ways: through formal development programs and/or through coaching (experience transmitted from chief to employee).

Responsible Citizenship

We are committed to the future, and we take special interest in our people, to anticipate and respond the increasing market demands.  We trust our employees, and value their personal contributions as part of the individual effort and common mission.