Safety and Environment

Bunge Argentina is committed to the development of a safer company and society without pollution, beyond the current legislation.

Safety, hygiene, and environmental protection are priorities that we support and affirm as the basis for our growth and leadership.

We care about fostering safe habits and good practices in our staff, and provide the tools to be applied at, and transmitted, in a later instance, to their family environment and the whole society.
We add our efforts to minimize in advance any kind of risk that may cause injury, illnesses or damages both to property and to the environment.

At Bunge Argentina we design, develop, and modify plants and equipment, products, and procedures, carefully considering the care and the protection of people health and safety.

We firmly believe that any accidental professional disease, injury or material loss is avoidable, so they are the reasons why all our efforts are directed to achieve a 0 level of accidents.

We develop a culture that encourages personal responsibility in the benefit of health, safety, and environmental preservation, fostering a safe behavior through training and awareness assignments.

Combining an active participation from our partners and employees, a good management and a commitment for constant improvement, we promote an attitude in which loss prevention becomes a way of life.

With the implementation of the strategic management system called “Total losses control”, we develop activities in order to achieve these goals.

Additionally, in our environmental commitment with the community, we carry out several activities, such as the solid waste treatment by “land farming” and earthworm farming, the treatment and reuse of liquid effluents, the measurement and control of particulate matter in the air, and forestation to avoid environmental pollution.