Past and Present


It was the year 1884 when the entrepreneur Ernest Bunge, a grain trader, made up his mind to relocate Bunge’s base of operations outside The Netherlands to Argentina, attracted by one of the most promising markets in the world in terms of agribusiness.

Time proved him right. And with Argentine roots, Bunge grew, developed, and expanded within the four continents, becoming one of the most important organizations for this segment.

Within our country, Bunge’s history is long standing and rich. In due course, the group diversified into a wide range of industrial and service activities, but the relationship with the country, the agricultural production and the international trade was always the backbone for the joint with the Argentine economy and society.

The 21st century found Bunge returning to its core business, and focusing on its resources to gain in efficiency and competitiveness. Such is the case, that since 2000 until today, Bunge Argentina acquired the assets from La Plata Cereal, Guipeba and PASA Fertilizers, thus strengthening its capacities for grain hoarding and export, oilseed processing, fertilizer production and marketing, and final product manufacturing in the fields of energy, and livestock and human food.

Today Bunge Argentina is a company focused on adding value to the agribusiness chain by accompanying, as always, producers, and the domestic market.